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Achinsk (Russian: ΐ́χθνρκ) is a city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, located on the right bank of the Chulym River near its intersection with the Trans-Siberian Railway, 184 kilometers (114 mi) west of Krasnoyarsk. Population: 109,155 (2010 Census)


Achinsk is one of the oldest known inhabited places in the area. Paleontological study has shown that people lived here as early as 28,000–20,000 BCE. Some of these ancient caves are located 2 kilometers (1.2 mi) east of the city.

The modern city, however, was founded on July 25, 1641 as an ostrog on the Bely Iyus River. After the fire of 1683, it was moved to the Chulym River (a tributary of the Ob); hence, the official foundation date of the city is considered to be July 25, 1683. The name of the location derives from the Turkic tribal group Achi or Achigi. The first fort in 1683 was built with the high stockade square shaped walls. In the corners were placed watch towers. Initially the garrison had fifteen Cossacks patrolling it. In 1710, a new wooden fort on the right bank of the Achinki River was created, at its confluence with the Chulym.

In 1782, it was granted status of an uyezd town. In the late 19th century, the town became linked on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Achinsk train station in 1899

Since 1990, Achinsk has been included in the official list of cities in Russia with historical and cultural value of nationwide significance.


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